About Me

About Me

I am a multifaceted person.

For nearly 20 years professional endurance sport was my priority. Not just racing, but all of it. I worked on the media side writing, editing, and eventually publishing my own property. I worked on the industry side doing R&D and quickly got into product development and production. With these skill sets it made sense to do more for my partners than just race fast and wear a logo. To that end I created content and media strategy for many of my partners and would eventually find myself directing communications and working on brand strategy.

Jimmy Archer bike plankI had a busy and exciting career as a professional athlete. Unfortunately over training and injury lead to a slightly premature shift of focus. Needing an outlet for my energy I fell into building a house and getting involved in the Colorado architecture community.

I am healthy now, the house is done and I’ve moved on. I will always be an athlete but I am now dedicated to building the next phase of my life and career.

What and where that will be is unfolding as we speak. And, I’m sure this about me page will have a bit of a rewrite soon. I am hoping to move to Vancouver, British Columbia and am pursuing opportunities in the outdoor and architecture industries.

If you have any questions of suggestions, feel free to contact me HERE.