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About Me


Thanks for stopping by JimmyArcher.com.

I’m one of those many hat wearers. As my logo states, I am an athlete, coach, digital marketer and brand specialist, F1 and MotoGP über fan, and whiskey afficianado.

I’ve been a pro triathlete for 18 years. Before that I was a professional cyclist and runner. However, I am now in the fat and out of shape category and looking to make a comeback in 2018.

My time as a pro athlete has left me with a vast reservoir of knowledge and given me the opportunity to share that experience via a rather exclusive coaching business.

Jimmy Archer bike plankI am also the founder/CEO/editor of DirtTRI.com you can find anything you want to know about DirtTRI on the site. I encourage you to visit.

Which brings us to marketing and branding. After 25 years in the endurance sport industry as well as growing up in professional Motorsports I have had the opportunity to work with various brands from startups of only a couple of people to nine figure multi-national corporations. I have a particular interest in digital marketing, social media, and brand strategy.

Formula 1, MotoGP, come from my upbringing. My dad was a world champion professional drag racer. I raced go-carts as a kid, but the costs forced me into endurance sport. Currently I’m looking at getting back into carting or possibly SCCA Autocross racing with, Wolfy, my VW Mk7 Golf R.

Lastly, whiskey. Well, that comes from the frustrations of all of the above. 😎 Nah, just kidding…kinda. As with most things I dive full on into things I’m interested in. I’m fascinated by the history, process, and personality of whiskey. I’m that guy that has an app on his phone for tasting notes, references, and personal ratings.

So, those are the basics. I am, of course, a writer as well. be sure to follow my blog for more on all of the above.

Again, thanks for dropping buy, and if you would like to:

  • Hire me as a coach
  • Hire me as a media/branding consultant
  • Advertise with DirtTRI
  • Or just shoot the shit about F1, MotoGP, whiskey, or what have you

Feel free to contact me HERE.


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