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Welcome to DirtTRI Coaching

Proper coaching is crucial to any successful training program. So crucial in fact that it could be the difference between achieving your goals and coming up just a bit short.

Triathlon is a complex sport. It uniquely consists of three sports preformed as one. Off-road triathlon adds to this complexity by requiring technical skill and competence mountain biking and running off-road. Creating an effective training plan specific to off-road triathlon demands an understanding of what makes the sport so unique. Our coaches have a combined experience of more than 30 years specifically in off-road racing. They apply this experience, expertise, and passion to each athlete they work with.


DirtTRI Coaching understands each athlete is an individual. There is no single training plan or strategy which will work for everyone. This is particularly true for off-road multisports. Each athlete has different experience and technical skill. This fact makes truly personalized training essential.

DirtTRI Coaching will create individualized training plans for each athlete and completely explain and analyze every aspect of the training process.

Why DirtTRI Coaching?

You would not be reading this sentence on if you were not passionate about off-road multisport. was created to share and promote that passion and grow this sport we so love and enjoy.

By choosing DirtTRI Coaching for your coaching needs you directly support and all that we do.

All coaching fees from DirtTRI Coaching go directly back into operating costs. What could be better? You get to notch coaching from two of the best, most experienced coaches in the business while at the same time helping to the sport you love grow and prosper.

Find our coaching options and more information on our coaches below, and thank you for choosing DirtTRI Coaching.



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Jimmy has been a professional coach for more than 15 years specializing in endurance sports. During that time he has helped athletes of all abilities achieve various goals, from basic weight loss to World Championship qualification, in triathlon, running, cycling, mountain biking, and cross country skiing. He has acquired his coaching expertise while training with many of the world’s best coaches and athletes via a 20 year career as a professional athlete competing in all formats of triathlon as well as running, road and mountain biking, and Nordic skiing. He holds a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder and is a certified USA Triathlon and USA Cycling coach as well as an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist. For more information about Jimmy visit




Our Package Options



Are you looking to take your fitness and racing to the next level? Or maybe just need some help jumping into the sport as a beginner? Hiring one of our experienced coaches to work with you one-on-one is the way to go. After an initial consultation, your coach will create a training plan specifically for you and work with you over the coming season to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

  • Initial consultation to evaluate the best approach to fit your personal situation.
  • Includes free Training Peaks account to view and track your workouts
  • Heart Rate and Power equipment recommended for optimal precision.
  • Bi-monthly interaction with your coach to adjust your your plan based on your feedback.
  • Custom built plan tailored to your needs, desires, and schedule.
  • $200/month with 6 month commitment, $175/month with 1 year commitment.




Do you want to take your racing to the highest level? This is how you do it. With a custom built plan that is continuously adjusted to meet your needs and constant feedback from your coach, you’ll not only be crushing the course, but your competition as well.

  • Initial consultation to evaluate the best approach to fit your personal situation.
  • Custom built plan tailored to your needs, desires, and schedule.
  • Includes Premium Training Peaks account to view and track your workouts along with integration of your workouts into your personal calendar.
  • Heart Rate and/or Power equipment required for optimal precision.
  • Weekly interaction with your coach to continuously tweak your plan.
  • $300/month with 6 month commitment, $250/month with 1 year commitment.




Are you new to off-road triathlon? Have you done a race or two, but want step up your performance? This is the plan for you. Designed by coaches who have extensive experience specifically in off-road racing, this standalone 12 week training program will get you ready to have a fun filled race on any course. Packed with detailed workouts to improve your fitness and skills, this plan will walk you through 3 months of building fitness, strength, skills, and mental toughness, all while keeping in mind that the journey is half the fun.

  • Includes free Training Peaks account to view and track your workouts
  • Heart Rate and Power training zones included by not required
  • One time payment of $120 (that’s only $10/week to have all your workouts laid out for you)